Saturday, September 24, 2011

the third week

Sunday, September 11th- Day 13

Not a very exciting day. Worked on some homework and wrote a little. Read. It was nice to have some time for relaxation after so many busy days!

Monday, September 12th- Day 14

Another lazy day. After classes, I wandered around to some shops and took pictures of the island. Then I finished my book and made my favorite meal- a pita pizza!

Tuesday, September 13th- Day 15

I started searching online for how much it would cost to visit Munich for a weekend. I found some good prices, but the dates aren't lining up well with our schedules. I've still got my fingers crossed that I'll find something though!

Wednesday, September 14th- Day 16

Today I received a wonderful package from my parents! I'm so excited to get my hands on both the book and the peanut butter (picture above). They do have peanut butter here, but the cost is outrageous, and they do have books here, but none as potentially good as The Night Circus. I can't wait to start reading it!

After working on homework and studying Greek, I went for a walk at night with Brandon down by the water, where locals were setting up for the Fistiki Festival (a festival celebrating the pistachios grown here on the island). It should be a lot of fun!

Thursday, September 15th- Day 17

We had another quiz today in Greek. We had to spell out the numbers, fill in letters of common phrases, and do dictation. I think the numbers went fine, but the dictation was a struggle. It's just so hard to pick up all the unique sounds of Greek phonetics :/

I had my first Greek gyro! It wasn't a true gyro because the meat was from a skewer, not shredded, but it was still very good. For anyone who might not know, a gyro is a Greek hand food made of a pita filled with meat (I had chicken), tzatziki sauce (made of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and lemon- very yummy!), tomatoes, and sometimes french fries.

After dinner, a group of us went down to the Fistiki Festival, which was all along the harbor. There were lots of booths selling scarves, jewelry, pots, toys, etc. A few of us got pistachio mojitos and some others got pistachio ice cream and baklava. We all shared so that we could try everything. There was also traditional Greek dancing and singing. We had a great time!

Friday, September 16th- Day 18

Tonight we went out to eat for the first time in Aigina since the orientation dinner. I got "penne with chicken and rocket." Apparently rocket is a kind of herb/spice? It didn't have much sauce or flavor, but it was still okay and it was nice to have some protein! We all passed around our dishes too so that we could try everything and there were a lot of other yummy choices. If we ever go back, I think I'll order Lauren and Brianna's salmon pasta instead!

We went back to the Fistiki Fest for more walking/eating. I got the pistachio ice cream and it was delicious! There was also a concert featuring lots of young local bands. It was right on the beach and we saw more young people than we've seen this whole time on the island. Afterward, our whole group got together for a bonfire on the beach. :)

Saturday, September 17th- Day 19

I got up early to Skype with some friends (it can be hard with the time difference!) before doing some laundry and working on my next Mirror article. Also went to the beach with Brandon in the late afternoon, when the sun wasn't so harsh. Everyone's trying to get in beach time whenever possible because before long, the water will be too cold for it!

Before bed, I packed for Southern Greece! It's our first field trip and I can't wait :)

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  1. Mmm, I love gyro! This post was the final straw. I've decided that I WILL go to Greece before I die and that's just all there is to it.


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