Saturday, October 1, 2011

the fifth week

Sunset From Our Apartment's Balcony

Sunset From Our Apartment's Balcony (different night)

Homemade Moussaka With My Roommates

The Pup Across the Street

Sunday, September 25th (Day 27) through Saturday, October 1st (Day 33)

Worked on homework, studied Greek, went to class, e-mailed, played cards, wrote, and read. I started reading The Night Circus and already really love it!

We had our last day of Mediterranean Cultures this week, which was both a happy and sad occasion. Happy to have less homework and class time. Sad that we have to say goodbye to our teacher Ioana. It was also Panos's birthday, so both to celebrate his birthday and to say goodbye to Ioana, we had a party on Thursday with lots of yummy food.

I also tried making moussaka one night with Cristina, Lauren, and Brianna. It was an experiment, but definitely turned out a success! Next time we try, I think we'll add more spices and more cheese :) Yum! We also found a great little ice cream shop nearby. Their dark chocolate flavor is the best.

On Sunday, I attempted to make a list of things to pack for Fall Break. I wish I was at home and had my whole closet to chose from! For ten days of traveling, I'll only be bringing my backpack (which is fairly small compared to a lot of other backpacks I see). I'm VERY excited though. A week from now I'll be in Italy! :)

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  1. 500 Days of Summer= great movie! I thought of you when I watched it in the theater. I think Summer looks like you.


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