Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I went to four cities over Fall Break and spent nine days traveling. Just the idea of writing descriptions of each of those days exhausts me. Instead, I'm going to break down each city into important topics. Like food. Also, I thought I might do the cities in a linear fashion, just for kicks, so here it goes, starting with Roma, Italia:

The Spanish Steps

City: Rome, Italy

Date: 7 October, 2011

Transportation to City: Flight from Athens to Rome (Easyjet)

Transportation in City: Our feet (much to their dismay)

Places Seen/Visited: 
- Colosseum
- Vatican
- Castel S. Angelo
- Piazza Navona
- Pantheon
- Trevi Fountain
- Spanish Steps

Food Eaten:
- Pizza (mozzarella di bufala, priced by the weight)
- Gnocchi

Hostel Review:
PROS: Nice location near the train station. Bathrooms next door to our room. We were supposed to have a 6-person bedroom but ended up in a 4-person, which was great-- even better when only 3 of those 4 ended up being occupied. Staff very nice. When we first got there, the man at the desk (without us even asking) gave us a map, circled the big attractions, and explained the best ways to get to them.
CONS: Both bathrooms were occupied all morning so I had to wait forever just to brush my teeth and use the bathroom. The lock on our door was terrible. When we first got there, it wouldn't open at all and we had to have the owners come open it. Then once in the night and several times in the early morning, the other girl in the room couldn't open the door and Brandon (I slept through almost all of it . . . ) had to get up and let her in.

Things Learned:
- Wear really comfortable shoes. Really comfortable.
- Rome really does deserve more than a day. We weren't terribly excited for it so we gave it the smallest amount of time, but we were pretty disappointed we didn't have time to go inside the Colosseum and Vatican.
- Know that some restaurants have service charges (ours was 2 euros each).

Favorite Parts:
- All of the sites were amazing to see, so it's hard to narrow it down. The Colosseum and Vatican were both so awesome and majestic in person, but we really didn't get the full effect since we didn't go inside. For that reason, I'll say my favorite site was the Spanish Steps. It had a great view and wasn't too terribly crowded (like the Trevi Fountain, where you barely had room to move let alone take a picture).
- My real favorite part, I'm a little ashamed to say, was sitting down to eat. We had a wonderful view of the Pantheon, my feet finally got to rest, and my gnocchi (the first time I'd ever tried gnocchi actually) was delicious. 





Piazza Navona

Trevi Fountain

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