Thursday, October 6, 2011

the sixth week- part 1

Sunday, October 2nd (Day 34) through Thursday, October 6th (Day 38)

I'm journaling this week quickly too. Partially because it's not very exciting and partially because it's not complete. When I do another summary post I'll write all about Fall Break, so I didn't want to include these days in there but I also didn't want to ignore them. So here's what I did between Sunday and Thursday this week:

  • Finished The Night Circus (which sadly didn't end as well as it began).
  • Went to a cafe for Greek class to practice ordering drinks.
  • Mid-term studying and tests.
  • Wrote another article for the Mirror.
  • Laundry.
  • Tripped walking up my apartment stairs.
  • Tripped walking upstairs at the school building, while holding my laptop, in front of everyone :P
  • Due to the second tripping, have a bruise as big as a softball on my thigh. Painful too :P
  • Prepared/planned Fall Break.
  • Packed!
Those last two points really deserve more explanation.

Because Brandon was so busy with his architecture mid-term, I took control of our Fall Break. I printed out all of our plane and train tickets (5 each, 10 total). I printed and marked up maps with sites to see. I printed out our hostel information (address, contact information, if they only accept cash, if they have towels, etc). I printed out directions and maps for all our traveling (to and from hostels, to and from airports and train stations, etc). I made lists of places to go and their costs . . . It was exhausting, let me tell you, but I also felt very accomplished by the end of it. It was my first time planning a trip on my own, and I think I did pretty well! :)

I packed my tiny backpack for the 10 day trip. Everything fits, including my purse (our airline, Easyjet, strictly maintains a one carry-on item rule). I don't think I'll be able to truly call it a success until I get back though and know that I didn't forget anything, freeze or sweat excessively, or end up wearing dirty socks all week. Fingers crossed!

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