Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Looking Out on the Turkish Side of Nikosia

Cyprus passed in a blur, probably because we had only just gotten back from Fall Break. Between our personal travels and our trip to Cyprus, we had one afternoon to do laundry, upload pictures, eat, and sleep, but it was hardly enough. I was tired and wanting to be back home in Aigina again, but of course I still loved seeing a new place and enjoying what it had to offer (especially the beautiful beach!). In our five days there, we visited churches, a mosque, beaches, historical homes, ancient ruins, a university, a ghost-town (which we only viewed from afar), and even the birthplace of Aphrodite. I'll just leave you with a some pictures:


Birthplace of Aphrodite

Umm Haram Mosque

The Beach!

Haloumi, a Cyprus Cheese (and incredibly delicious!)

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