Monday, November 14, 2011

the ninth week

On the Ferry at Sunset (and not actually taken during this week)

Aigina (also not taken this week)
Brandon Sketching by the Temple of Aphaia

Alison Sketching at the Temple of Aphaia

Sunday, October 23rd to Saturday, October 29th- Days ??? (I've given up!)

Things I Did This Week:

- Worked on scheduling my classes for next semester (I can't believe it's my last!).
- Edited and sorted pictures from Fall Break.
- Greek class and Culture & Place, as usual
- We visited the Temple of Aphaia, a historic site in Aigina, with our Greek class.
- Wrote another article for the Mirror.
- Researched my Culture & Place paper on Antioch.
- Had a toga party in celebration of Halloween :) Also bought and ate lots and lots of candy! I missed butterfingers, sour patch kids, candy corn, and all my other favorites but at least they have snickers, twix, and peanut m&ms here. It wasn't a traditional Halloween but we all had a really great time :)

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