Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the tenth week

(most of the tenth week anyway)

Sunday, October 30th

Boring day until dinnertime. I had a nice dinner with Brandon to celebrate our anniversary early (because my mom will be here on the actual day). :)

Monday, October 31st

HALLOWEEN! We didn't do much because we'd already celebrated, but I definitely ate more candy.

I also watched Midnight in Paris on my laptop and loved it! It seemed meant for me, really. An aspiring novelist dreams of living in Paris in the 1920s and actually goes back in time, meeting Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, and a number of others. He also meets a girl who dreams of going back to the Belle Epoque, another of my favorite eras. Paris + History + Literature (especially Fitzgerald and Hemingway) = Perfection. Parfait!

Beside my apartment door.
Tuesday, November 1st

My mom arrived! I missed Culture & Place (which was rescheduled from Monday) to meet her at the port. Her hotel was beautiful with an amazing view. If you ever go to Aigina, especially in the off-season, definitely consider staying at Hostel Rastoni. Great view and very friendly, helpful staff. After she had time to put her stuff down and look around, we walked around town. I showed her my apartment, the school building, the mini mart, the grocery store, the harbor, etc. We had some lunch and then waffles for dinner :) And of course, took lots of pictures and did a little souvenir/gift shopping.

The Monastery.

Wednesday, November 2nd

My actual anniversary with Brandon :)

After my Greek class, my mom and I took the bus to Agia Marina, another city on Aigina. We immediately ate lunch at a cute little place with blue-checked tablecloths by the waterfront. It was beautiful and the food was delicious. Unfortunately, it was the only place really open in town. We took more pictures and went in the shop or two that were open before catching the bus again and getting off at the monastery in the middle of the island. It's a very nice building and again, there weren't many around, so we could take all the pictures we wanted.

When we'd finished, we wanted to call a taxi because we knew the bus wasn't coming back that night. My mom couldn't find the taxi number she'd written down, but luckily a Greek man selling pistachios found us. He barely spoke English, but he laughed a lot and tried to help us. He loved when I was able to tell him in Greek that my mom was μητέρα μου (which means "my mom").

With him directing me, I went to the cafe across the street and asked the few Greek men eating there for a taxi number. And luckily, they were able to help. We took the taxi back to Aigina Town. There, we had dinner after searching through a number of restaurants. I had the spaghetti with meat sauce, which probably only included about a tablespoon of sauce, but was still very tasty.

An early morning in Aigina.

Thursday, November 3rd

My mom and I took the bus to Perdika, yet another place to see on the island. I'd gone there back in September for swimming, but it's obviously much too cold for that now. It was fairly empty, but all the cafes were still open so we had lunch. The cats were swarming us at the table, unfortunately (I hate cats!), but the food was good and the waiter very friendly. Afterward, we took a few pictures and walked along the waterfront before taking the bus back to Aigina Town.

After a quick class of wine while watching the sunset on my mom's hotel balcony, we went back to the apartment to get Brandon for dinner. The three of us ate at a very nice restaurant along the port. Probably the best restaurant I've been to in Aigina so far and we got a discount too (because I'm a Drury student). After, we went back to the apartment so I could pack for Santorini and Northern Greece. I said goodbye to Brandon and then went back to the hotel with my mom. We had to wake up early the next morning, so we thought it'd be best if I stayed with her (and her hotel had two extra beds anyway, plus an extra nice bathroom!)

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