Thursday, December 29, 2011

things i miss most about aigina

It's nice being home. It really is. But there are some things about Greece that Missouri just can't compare with.

Things I Miss Most About Aigina

1. The great people I met there. My roommates, all the other kids, the program directors, teachers, shop owners, and friendly strangers.

2. Cheap produce. I bought broccoli last week and it was over $2. $2! In Aigina, it would have been less than 50 (euro) cents. No wonder Americans are so unhealthy compared to Europeans.

3. Clementines. Because not only were they cheap, they were delicious

4. Cheap (and tasty) wine. That bottle below? 1.90 euros!

5. Our apartment. I would have loved a bigger bathroom, a dishwasher, and a private bedroom, but I still loved our apartment. Our landlady kept it decorated cute with printed pillows and tablecloths and the view was amazing (especially at sunset).

6. Waking up to sunshine and an ocean view. When it was still warm enough, I left my window open all night and I'd wake up naturally to the sun on my face and the sounds of my neighbors waking. And looking out my window, I had a view of the ocean and could see boats and ferries out on the water. I doubt I'll ever have a view like that again.

7. Traveling so often. Whenever our days were becoming too routine or 
schoolwork was stressing us out (especially Greek class, for me), we'd get to head out on another field trip! We never went more than two weeks without traveling.

8. Being able to walk everywhere. Both in Aigina and on our field trips, walking was always the main mode of transportation.

9. Great weather. From what I remember, it rained twice in Southern Greece, twice in Aigina, once in Rome, and once in London. In Aigina, the weather was perfect nearly everyday. Sunny, clear, never too cold. Gorgeous.

10. Swimming. In that beautiful blue water.

11. Dark chocolate ice cream. Yum!

11. Moussaka. Mmm. Mmm!

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