Friday, January 20, 2012

first craft project of the year

It's the first week of classes but I set down my books and picked up my paints the other day to make this little beauty.

Not only do I have a pretty poster to always remind me of my New Year's resolutions, but I worked on one of my resolutions in the process! 

Using watercolors was definitely harder than I thought it would be, but fun too. They're so uncontrollable. Only an expert, I think, could make them seep across the page just as they'd planned. But part of the fun is just seeing what they do on their own and embracing that messiness and unpredictability. 

I didn't mean for the tree to turn out so black and the sky is much darker than I imagined too. Once you start trying to overcorrect the streaks, all those layers of paint start to become murky and messy. I also learned to always test the potency of the color on a spare sheet of paper before applying it to the finished product. It's so easy to accidentally make a color darker than you intended. I'll just have to keep practicing :)

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