Friday, January 13, 2012

a quick red fox

The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.

Before I go into anything else, see that braid above? That's commitment right there. My #10 New Year's Resolution- Fewer ponytails. Bam. Already busting out of that rut.

You might also have noticed the new header. I'm just starting on my #12 New Year's Resolution- Continue my blog. "Renee in Greece" was fine when I was Greece, but now that I'm home and want to keep writing, I've gotta change it up a bit. So the title of the blog is changing to "A Quick Red Fox" and the hyperlink has changed too, to (so please update your links, if need be!). The new name combines my love of foxes with my love of words :) A perfect fit, I think. 

I've also added a new tab called "my bookshelf" where you can view my recent reads. 

In the future you can expect posts on reading, writing, and (*fingers crossed*) more traveling. I hope you stick around!

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