Sunday, February 12, 2012

the greece art show

To promote the study abroad program, every student who studied in Greece this past year was asked to put up a display in my school's art building/gallery. The opening was last week and they'll stay up till the end of February. 

A lot of the students are majoring in architecture, so their displays were covered in architectural sketches and designs. For me, photos were obviously the medium of choice. I used ribbon and mini clothespins (from Walmart!) to hang them up and I'm so happy with how it turned out-- colorful, laid-back, and (thankfully) very inexpensive. 

But not everything I hung up was a photo. Can you spot the ones that aren't like the others? 

My lovely display.

I did more watercolors!

Aren't they beautiful? :) I'm so proud and definitely inspired to try more in the future.

Venice (San Giorgio Maggiore, I believe, or my History of Art & Architecture II class failed me).

Our apartment in Aigina. I miss it so much! Especially the view from my window (the top left).

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