Saturday, March 31, 2012

writers' bedrooms

Apartment Therapy recently posted photos of famous authors' bedrooms. Some are stark, some lavish (hello Victor Hugo), but all worth a look. 

I was hoping J.D. Salinger would be amongst them, but he was probably too much of a hermit for that. Fitzgerald would have been cool too. 

I'd really love to see where they all wrote though. Some (like Flannery O'Connor) did write in their bedroom, but most probably had a desk or office. I'd love to see what books they kept nearby, what trinkets decorated the shelves, if they had any inspiring images or notes displayed. It would probably be most strange and interesting to me if they had none of that at all- just a room, desk, chair, paper, and pen.

Ernest Hemingway 
Truman Capote
Virginia Woolf
Flannery O'Connor
Victor Hugo

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