Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my new domain

Meet the tiniest little fox I ever did see! My mom found him on Etsy for me a few weeks ago for a graduation present (you can find him here), and he flew all the way from England just for me. Which is fitting, really, because I've been dreaming of London ever since I spent 5 days there in December (after my semester in Greece). What I would give to go back there again! The beautiful parks, the old meets new architecture, the vibrant neighborhoods and shops, the accents. Plus, we were there during Christmas, so the city was filled with holiday spirit :) It was magical. 

But this wasn't meant to be a post about London! I just thought I'd share my little fox friend as I shared some news. What news, you ask? Well, if you look up at your web address bar right now, you might notice something's changed. 

I bought my domain! This blog is now at Simple and clean. You should have been redirected here automatically (hopefully no one got lost along the way!), but if you have the site bookmarked you could change the address to eliminate that little second of redirection while the site does its thing.

I feel very accomplished having my own website :) Even if it is just a little blog!

He's supposed to be a phone charm, but I'm afraid he's too delicate for that. I think I'll just keep him in a nice spot on my shelf.

Perfectly tiny.


  1. Aw, he's adorable! Congrats on your domain. :)

  2. Yayy congratulations! I was happy when I bought mine too- it feels much more like yours and I wanted to get rid of the 'blogspot' part! Cute little red fox too! x x x


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