Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ttt: authors you would like to see on a reality show

This week's Top Ten Tuesday on the Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Authors You Would Like to See on a Reality Show.

Apparently the topic changed last minute to whatever you want (because some thought the subject was too difficult), but I'm sticking with it. I had a lot of fun imagining reality shows full of authors, but to keep it neat, I thought I would split it into two shows: Survivor and The Real World.

The authors chosen for Survivor were chosen because of their distinguished skills in writing about either (1) survival/fighting death, (2) mysteries, (3) murder, or (4) just some really weird shit.

The authors chosen for The Real World were chosen because of their skills in (1) alcoholism, (2) creativity, (3) quotability, (4) writing in general. And in picking a variety, I hoped to give some good contrast to the group. Because you know you'd love to see Austen all upset over brash Hemingway while Wilde quips cleverly in the corner.

(***Excuse the awkward picture formatting. It was driving me nuts!***)

Top Ten Authors You Would Like to See on a Reality Show

Suzanne Collins
Flannery O'Connor
Agatha Christie
Chuck Palahniuk

Stephen King
William Golding

Katherine Dunn

Stieg Larsson

Margaret Atwood
Herman Melville


Jonathan Safran Foer
Oscar Wilde

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
Jane Austen

J. D. Salinger
J. K. Rowling
Sarah Waters


  1. I considered using authors no longer with us for mine, but I decided to keep to living authors. Your choices certainly are interesting. As I've said to others who want to see Suzanne Collins on "Survivor"--they'd better remind her not to kill the other contestants. :)

    1. haha. That's true. It'd be interesting to see her try though! (and not succeed, of course)

  2. Great choices! I also wanted to see Suzanne Collins on Survivor, but I really like the other "contestants" you matched her up against. And I like that you picked out a crew for The Real World. I haven't watched that show in ages but if those authors would certainly make me want to tune in!

    1. Definitely. I haven't watch Survivor or The Real World in forever, but maybe if they had some crazy authors involved, I'd tune in!

  3. Agatha Christie would be awesome! Make Survivor a bit of a murder mystery And Oscar Wilde- he would add lots of class and glamour! x


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