Wednesday, June 20, 2012

dream desks

I never used to be a desk person; I much preferred my bed or a couch. But last semester in the middle of  the chaos that is senior year, I struggled to focus on writing papers or working on design projects in the middle of my comfy bed (because really, what's to keep you from taking a nap or just watching TV?). Plus, my apartment came with a huge wooden desk that I'd never utilized to its true potential. Freeing it of the removable bookshelf that went on top and moving my TV, I discovered how great a desk could be. It was just what I needed to get working.

Unfortunately, my desk at home didn't get the memo. I've had it all my life, but never really used it and trying to now, it seems horribly tiny compared to that huge desk in my apartment. I'm considering rummaging in the basement for a folding table as a replacement. If only I had one of these beautiful desks . . . 




What's important to you in a desk? Or do you even use one?

My dream desk would be:

- Long, wide, and deep
- Sturdy
- Complete with some drawers for organizing
- Spacious beneath with a bar in back to rest my legs :)
- Accompanied by a comfy chair wide enough for me to sit Indian-style
- Near a window for good lighting
- Beneath a bulletin board of inspiration (this is the one thing I currently have)

Is this so much to ask?

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