Monday, July 30, 2012

tigers in red weather

The story revolves around Tiger House, a family home in Martha's Vineyard. We begin with cousins Nick (a girl, just to be clear) and Helena. After the war, Nick heads to Florida to reunite with her husband Hughes, while Helena heads to L.A. to marry a man she barely knows, Avery Lewis. For both women, post-war life disappoints and they find themselves frustrated and wanting something more, something better. The story shifts perspectives a number of times, with each major character having their own section. Those characters include Nick, Nick's husband Hughes, Nick's daughter Daisy, Helena, and Helena's son Ed.

I really enjoyed the setting, both the time period (WWII to the late 60s) and the location (Martha's Vineyard with all its tennis lessons, sailing, drinking, summer parties). And I loved the switches in perspective and bouncing around between years. Information is unveiled in a fantastic, deliberate way. You read about the same days and years several times through different perspectives, giving you a new bit of knowledge each time.

However, I didn't love the characters. Daisy was my favorite, mostly because I understood her best. All the other characters make big mistakes that I couldn't completely comprehend. I became incredibly frustrated with them, feeling like they were ruining their lives without much thought. If they could just get a hold of themselves, they could be happy, but for whatever reason, they didn't. Also, the last section was a little bizarre. It didn't mesh as well with the others (partially because its written in the first-person, but also because it's a little nuts).

TITLE: Tigers in Red Weather
AUTHOR: Liza Klaussmann
VERDICT: I loved parts of it, but I was very annoyed with others. 3/5 stars.

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