Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ttt: reasons why i want to be harry potter

This week's Top Ten Tuesday on the Broke and the Bookish is top ten characters I'd like to switch places with for 24 hours. This is a great topic, but difficult. So many characters I love are not the type of people I'd like to switch places with for a day. I got to about 5 characters before I realized what I'd really like to do with this topic: take my top choice, the one I kept coming back to, and list my top ten reasons why I want to be him for a day. It was such a good idea, I ended up with more than ten reasons!  And after I'd come up with said reasons, I realized that said character's BIRTHDAY IS TODAY! Perfect, perfect all around. So without further ado . . .

Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to be Harry Potter for a Day

#1 He can fly. On a broom, of course, which isn't as cool as flying around like Superman, but still. Pretty amazing. Plus, he has a natural talent for flight.

#2 He gets to attend Hogwarts!* And as we all know, there is no greater school than Hogwarts (Harvard, Yale, Oxford, psh. They can all suck it!). He's taught by wonderful professors like McGonagall and Lupin (for a year). He gets to cheer on his fellow Gryffindors and lives with them in the Gryffindor Tower. Each year he's taken there by the Hogwarts Express (well, not every year . . .) and enjoys trips to Hogsmeade. There are secret rooms and passages, a long and dark history, wonderful buffets of food, ghosts, rumors, dangers, excitement. Brilliant!

*I'm assuming I can choose when I'd like to be Harry and of course, I'd prefer to go during the school year, not when he's stuck at the Dursleys' for the summer . . . 

#3 He has wonderful friends. So not only would I get to be Harry, I'd get to hang around with Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, and the gang (I'm not big on Ginny). Plus, his friends include house elves (Dobby), half-giants (Hagrid), and owls (Hedwig), amongst others.

* P.S. I love how it looks like Harry's checking out Luna in the pictures above :)

#4 He's a jock. So not only can he fly, he's fantastic at it and is cheered on by his house in big Quidditch tournaments. Never having had a talent with athletics, it'd be fun to try it out, especially if this trading places thing means that I'm in Harry's body (I assumed that- am I wrong?). Because with his prowess, I'd be sure to catch the snitch :)

#5 He's talented, brave, and strong, as he shows time and time again. Sometimes this gets him into trouble, but he always manages to make it out okay.

#6 He's a boy. This is assuming I'm in his body again. If I'm going to switch places with someone, I'd like to see what the other half of the world is experiencing, just for kicks.

#7 He lives in England! Again, if I'm going to switch places with someone, they better not be living where I am, the U.S. Midwest. I want to see something different. Plus, of course, there's the added fact that he and everyone he knows (pretty much) has a British accent :) I'd be happily talking (and listening) non-stop.

#8 He can perform magic! Potions, transfigurations, general spells. Awesome.

#9 He gets to eat treats like chocolate frogs, butterbeer, pumpkin juice, and all the scrumptious delights at a Hogwarts holiday meal (I won't add Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean since they're a hit or miss).

#10 He has an invisibility cloak! Perfect for sneaking around without getting caught. And I realize the picture doesn't really fit here but I couldn't find anything better.

#11 He saves the world. That's no small feat.

#12 He's a wizard. Plain and simple.

Harry Potter is awesome, so I know I missed some great reasons why it'd be fun to be Harry for a day. Any other ideas?



  1. I loveeeeeeeee this post! Seriously, I really, really love it! :D I'm a HUGE Potterhead, so seeing this totally made my day! ;) I agree with all of your reasons! I mean, who wouldn't want to be Harry Potter for a day? ;) Amazing post! :D

    Ivy Book Bindings

  2. This is awesome. All fabulous reasons. I am proposing a number 13: he has a wand! I think I would love that for dramatic and practical purposes!!! Mostly dramatic...

    Also, I always wanted him to end up with Luna. Shhh, don't tell!

    1. Oooh definitely! Having a wand would be fantastic. And I love that you mostly want it for dramatic reasons, haha. Though I completely understand. :)

      I like the idea of him ending up with Luna too! I'm not quite sure it would work, but I do really prefer her to Ginny.


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