Friday, August 31, 2012

norwegian wood (the movie)

After finishing Norwegian Wood the other day, I watched the movie adaptation, which came out in 2010. It wasn't fantastic, but if you've read the book, it's worth a watch.

There's some great imagery and the setting is gorgeous, especially when we go to Naoko's sanitarium in the country. It made me want to visit Japan so I could go for walks in the snow and hike through the mountains and windy, green pastures. It also made me like Midori a bit more. Her character isn't explored as fully as it is in the book, so I didn't have as much room to dislike her. Plus the girl who plays her is beautiful. Oh and Toru's pretty cute too :)

Anyway, for anyone not planning to watch the movie or anyone considering watching, I thought I'd share some stills.

Although the plot was a little weak, the photography was lovely.

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