Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ttt: posts that give the best picture of me

This week's Top Ten Tuesday on the Broke and the Bookish is top ten posts that give the best picture of you. With book blogging, a lot of bloggers stick to book reviews or news or whatever, so I'm really excited for this week! My favorite blogs are the ones where you feel you know the blogger a bit. Not too much (like health bloggers that post every meal, mommy bloggers that post tons of pictures of their children, etc.), but just enough. I can't wait to see what my favorite book bloggers have posted for this week's TTT!

Top Ten Posts That Give the Best Picture of Me

Trying to keep my eyes open in the bright sunlight of Nafplion, Greece.

I began this blog when I studied abroad for a semester in Greece last fall. It was called Renee in Greece then and was basically just a way for me to share my experience with family and friends back home. Here are a few posts from during and after my trip that will give you a glimpse into my life and personality:

1. Santorini (when my mom and I took a weekend trip to Greece's most popular island and stumbled upon a literary festival!)

2. Things I Missed About Home (a post I wrote right after coming home, thinking about what I'd missed from America while in Europe)

3. Things I Miss About Aigina (a post I wrote right after coming home, about everything I was already missing about Greece and the island Aigina, where I lived)

Since I don't have any pictures of me writing, here's a picture of some books I like.

I've been writing stories since I was a kid and recently graduated with a degree in Writing. Sometimes I mention the novel I'm working on, submissions to literary magazines, or general goals. Here are a few posts about that:

4. My First Submissions (in which I talk about submitting a short story to literary magazines for the first time. I still haven't heard anything back, by the way, but I've got my fingers crossed!)

5. The Big Plan (in which I post about getting my novel's plot on track and show the huge bulletin board on which I detailed all the details)

6. Neil Gaiman's Commencement Speech (just a very inspiring speech for anyone with creative goals, and a speech that has really stuck with me).

My loot from a recent booksale.

Books are obviously important to me and the reason why I write this blog. So here are some personal posts on the subject:

7. Bookish Resolutions (a list of things I'd like to improve on regarding my reading habits)

8. Review of Moby Dick (a brutal review of one of the last books I read for school)

9. My All Time Favorite Book Characters (no explanation needed)

10. A Book Sale (in which I admit I almost never buy books!)

11. Characters That Remind Me of Me (clearly, this was a good choice for the topic)

My New Year's Resolution List for 2012.

I try to sometimes share other interests of mine beyond reading and writing. Here are a few of those posts:

12. New Year's Resolutions (my goals for this year)

13. Downton Abbey (I'm already excited for Season 3!)

14. Pins and Things I (Pinterest is probably my favorite website ever, which is why I love sharing my favorite pins . . .)

15. Pins and Things II (. . . and do it often)

I couldn't narrow it down, so 15 it is! I hope you learned something new about me and I can't wait to learn more about you too :)


  1. So I've been meaning to ask you about the foxes...significance? Also everywhere I find them on your blog they are just so cute! Like your blog header and the little fox on the picture of your list. Also you're super gorgeous!

    1. Of course! I should have explained before. Maybe I'll add this to my About Me page. Foxes are my favorite animal, and I think if I had to pick an animal that's like me, I'd also pick a fox. Clever, quiet, observing. And finally, as for the title of the blog, I like that it's a connection between me and words. "The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog" of course being a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet. Also, you're super sweet! You've got me blushing :)

  2. Aw this is great! I agree that I love getting to know the bloggers - and these posts are such a wonderful hodgepodge too. Now I want to go to Greece... And spend awkwardly long on pinterest...

    For professional reasons I actually try to keep my posts pretty anonymous. But I wish I could be more open! My job field wont let that happen though...

    1. I always want to spend an absurdly long time on Pinterest, so I totally get you there! :) And I completely understand about wanting to keep posts anonymous for professional reasons! My sister used to be a teacher and I know she had to keep her online presence hidden so that students wouldn't learn about her personal life (and so she wouldn't be fired!).

  3. Great list of posts that say a lot about you. Enjoyed your blog.

  4. FYI, Renee, your links are all funky! But I figured out how to make them work. I just thought you might want to know. :)

    I love your New Year's Resolutions! Especially how many pages to read a day. I need to stick to something like that, too. And I love your bookish resolution not to wait to read the books you're excited about! (I remember reading that post when it went live.) :-)

    And -- I really need to get a bulletin board and paste up my book plan like you did. I have it all in my head, but it seems so OVERwhelming there...

    1. Jillian- Thanks so much for letting me know! I've got all the links back up and running, but I'm glad you were able to make them work on your own.

      The pages a day resolution has been a great one! And it's less intimidating than making a resolution for X number of books in a month. Books can vary so much in length/complexity, but pages aren't so different and 30 is definitely do-able.

      And do! I love my huge bulletin board. I can swap things around as needed, pin up inspiration pictures, view it easily as I work. Details seem much simpler once you get them out of your head and onto paper! Usually, anyway :)


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