Wednesday, September 26, 2012

downton's back!

Downton's back!

In the UK, that is. But also for us stealthy, impatient Americans watching the third season online months before it's set to premiere in the United States (in March, I think?).

I've written about Downton Abbey before and that post is my second most-viewed post on this whole blog, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume that at least a few of you share my enthusiasm for this old-fashioned English soap opera. If you don't and you have no idea what I'm talking about, I highly encourage you to check out that previous post, which is full of explanation and pictures. It even features a book review (The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes) and two parody videos.

I would love to chat about the two episodes out so far from season 3 (which is set in the Roaring 20s, by the way), but it doesn't seem right when it's not showing in the U.S. right now. So until it comes to PBS this winter, my lips are sealed. I will, however, leave you with a few photos . . .

Congrats to Maggie Smith for her Emmy win!

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