Wednesday, September 5, 2012

writing wisdom from a favorite professor


I've been cleaning up my laptop a bit, trying to delete anything unimportant or unused. And when I found a document with just some bullet points of writing wisdom from my favorite Creative Writing professor, I thought that instead of deleting it (because I hadn't thought to look at it in a year), I would post it here. That way, anyone in need of writing inspiration could benefit as well, and I can get rid of one more unused file on my laptop!

Writing Wisdom

If you feel like your writing’s not good enough, lower your expectations (This one's my favorite, probably because it's so hard for me to do!).

When finishing a story, think about if you want readers looking forward or back.

Have a time limit for writing sessions (30 minutes is good) and don’t stop writing the entire time. This is great for anyone with limited free time (students, full-time employees, basically everyone).

Plan before you start writing, then just write. Don't check facts if they're going to slow you down. Do it later. If you keep interrupting yourself, you can never lose yourself in the writing.

Remember that fiction has a thesis statement too.

Try writing first thing in the morning or late at night, when you’re half asleep. Your mind is looser and you might find yourself writing in a different way.

Always remember that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.


  1. I always thought it's helpful to do important, creative, artisticy things when you're tired. I love riding my horse first thing in the morning. It really becomes about my body and his. Same with writing...just the words and my fingers...nothing else.

    1. It's almost like it's too early (or too late) to be stressed or frazzled yet. My mind is able to go in one direction and flow in a way I can never manage in the middle of a busy day. I like it at night best. When I'm almost asleep and it's easy to start rambling and daydreaming and just type away until I'm too tired to keep going. That's the best.


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