Monday, April 1, 2013

happy spring!

I apologize.

I have been a shamefully lazy blogger of late.

I knew this, but I didn't realize until today that I only posted three times in February and three times in March. And of those six posts, five were book reviews. Pathetic! While I make no promises, I would really like to get back in the swing of things. Starting now. After all, it's finally spring, and spring's all about new beginnings.

Granted, it didn't look like spring until a few days ago. On February 24th, we got 8-10 inches of snow (12 in some parts of St. Louis!) and I had a great time tromping around in it with my sister's pup Meeko. It was wonderful to spend a couple days sitting by the fire with a book, making s'mores, and then heading back out to take more pictures in the snow, but I was thrilled when the weather warmed up this week. In a perfect example of schizophrenic Midwestern weather, just five days after the snowfall, I was able to go for a run in shorts and a t-shirt!

meeko loves snow

So what have I been up to these past couple months if I haven't been blogging?

  1. On February 13, I turned 23! But honestly, I still feel like I'm 21 (I was going to say 20, but if I felt 20, I wouldn't feel like I'm allowed to purchase alcohol, which is not the case). Let's just say I still feel like I'm in college. I can't believe nearly a year has passed since I graduated!
  2. Celebrated Valentine's Day and my (currently long distance) boyfriend's Spring Break with visits and date nights. :-)
  3. After learning that my library offers free online classes, I started classes in InDesign, Grant Writing, and Editing (a refresher course). They're obviously less stressful than regular college classes, but I've already learned a lot! I only wish I'd known about them years ago. The library has so much more to offer than you might think.  
  4. I started a new job a couple months ago, I'm working on some freelance projects, and I'm volunteering with a local dog rescue. Keeping busy!
  5. I began a quest to rid myself of distractions. Not entirely, of course, but I did delete over half of the blogs in my Bloglovin' feed, I rarely look at Twitter anymore, and I only check Facebook once a day (or less). Success!
  6. I read some fantastic books, as you might have noticed by all the positive reviews of late. More on this later . . .

It's good to be back. :-)

Happy spring!

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