Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ttt: top ten words/topics that make me pick up a book

This week's Top Ten Tuesday on the Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Words or Topics That Make You Pick Up a Book.

While a good title/cover usually first attracts me to a book, when I skim through the blurb, I'm always hoping to see one of the words/topics below. Of course some books have a different sort of appeal, but by and large, I could put the books I read into one of the follow categories:

Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Pick Up a Book

1. Victorian/Edwardian (or really, any year between 1600 and 1950)

2. Whimsical/Magical/Enchanting

3. Funny

4. Dark

5. Mystery/Twist/Secret

6. Boarding School/College

7. Speculative Fiction/Science Fiction/Dystopian

8. Britain/France (anywhere cool really, but those two stick out)

9. Magical Realism

10. Playing with Time

What words/topics make you pick up a book?


  1. Great list! You have good taste!

  2. Great list! Completely agree with your dark, funny, and England/France categories. I have boarding school as one of mine, too. I can't get enough.
    Here's my TTT


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