Tuesday, July 9, 2013

sharp objects

Camille Preaker, a crime reporter for a small Chicago newspaper, is sent back to her hometown in southern Missouri to cover the murder of two young girls. Fresh from a stay at a psychiatric hospital (she used to cut), Camille isn't quite ready to face both the gruesome murders and her own troubled family. Her neurotic mother doesn't seem to care for her, her stepfather is a stranger, and she's baffled by her popular thirteen-year-old stepsister. As Camille searches for the murderer, she must also confront her relationship with her family, her late sister's death, and her own psychological troubles.

Similar to Dark Places and Gone Girl because of its Missouri setting, central female character, disturbed family, and murders/disappearances, Sharp Objects is another great read by Gillian Flynn. It's fairly short and reads quickly, though I would ward off any readers uncomfortable with dark subject matter. With the murders, Camille's cutting, and many bleak instances of drug use, alcoholism, sex, violence, etc., it's not a book for the faint of heart. 

Even though I like dark novels, certain situations in this were uncomfortable to read about (mainly the lawbreaking/wickedness committed by underage characters)  and I didn't love the constant references to Camille's scars. I think the "words" were used too often and felt like too blatant an effort (like the author was trying too hard to be clever/poetic). But I loved trying to figure out the murders, which were wonderfully mysterious and intriguing, and I liked the small-town, gossipy feel of Camille's hometown. Although I prefer Dark Places overall, I did really like Sharp Objects and found the ending especially satisfying.

TITLE: Sharp Objects
AUTHOR: Gillian Flynn
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2006
DATE FINISHED: 29 June 2013
VERDICT: 4/5 Dark (sometimes too dark) but very entertaining.

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